Rods, New - Factory and Custom

Many People ask us what rods we actually fish.  They want to know the rods that we like the best since we can fish any rod that we want to.  In actuality, we only stock the rods that we fish.  Sometimes we cannot get the rods from the supplier to have them in stock for you because so many other fly fishers want to fish that same rod.  However, we restock them as quickly as we can whenever they are available.  Many other rods are excellent and are available from us.  They are noted on our"Selecting your rod" page (Please see menu on left).  Please keep in mind that we primarily fish for trout in Montana when you see the rods that we currently fish.

The rods we currently love to fish:

The EPIC Carbon fiber (graphite) 590-4  and 690-4
An all around trout rod that is a superb rod for most any fishing condition.  If you can only buy one trout outfit, this might be your best bet.  In our special package offer of rod, with matching Lamson Speedster 5 reel and Rio Single Hand Spey line (or any other Rio line of $99.95 or less)  in WF5F. Call us for our incredible price! 

 Epic rods are available only in custom models.

We prefer our custom rods to any factory rods produced by anyone!

2) SAGE X 5 weight 9' rods
The SAGE X is a delightful rod if you like fast action rods.  It throws some of the tightest loops we have ever been able to throw.  It is light in hand and a delight to fish.  These are available in both factory and custom models in a variety of weights and lengths.  When we want high line speed in the wind, this is our go-to rod.

5) The EPIC FASTGLASS 4 and 5 weight rods.  A delightful small or large stream rod.  Both delicate and durable.  We have more fun fishing these rods than most others.  They play fish wonderfully and you don't have to worry about breaking them on a big fish!

All SAGE Factory rods are normally available in a maximum of two days from date of purchase, even if we do not currently have them in stock!

Loop Cross S1 Rods with Nano technology!

We were extremely impressed with the Loop Cross S1 rods.  Sadly, these rods have been discontinued by LOOP.  If you can find one on the used market, they are worth a look.  They are incredible and very durable dry-fly and streamer rods that cast with minimal effort.  They also do a very good job when nymphing. 

Please read what one of clients wrote to us about his LOOP CROSS S1:


For years I have watched people try unsuccessfully to improve their golf game by buying new equipment. Ultimately, their swing flaws overpower the new technology and they are stuck with the same old game even after the equipment upgrade.

Well, I fished with the new Cross S1 5wt and the Opti Dry Fly reel you sold me for the first time last evening on the Hiwassee River here in S.E. Tennessee. As a direct result of this outing, I have come to the conclusion that you can buy the ability to effectively cast a fly for distance and accuracy. The difference between this rig and what I had been fishing is almost indescribable. The rod loads with ease and delivers effortless power. I am blown away by its performance and feel. As for the reel, the smooth action is a joy and it really picks up the line with that large arbor. It is a perfect compliment to the rod. All this performance and just plain great looking too! It is an understatement to say that I am 100% satisfied.

 I bought this setup for trout fishing but my first fish turned out to be a surprise 2lb Smallmouth that blew up on a Griffith’s Gnat drifting through a run that always produces nice Rainbows . Big fun and a nice little test to help me get acquainted with my new favorite rig.

 Thanks again for all of your help and for your honest endorsement of the Loop products I ended up buying. I will be reaching out to you again soon for a heavier version of the same thing.

 Best Regards,

 Eddie Triplett, Cleveland, TN"

Sage Factory Rods

We have all Sage Factory rods available including the new SAGE MOD and the SAGE X.  Any model that we do not have in-house is available within one day from the factory if we order before 2 PM on weekdays.   Please check with us on any "In-Shop Specials" that we may be running that we cannot advertise.  Most rods also ship for free and there is no sales tax unless you live in Washington State. 

New Lord of the Streams Custom Rods:  Call or email to order or inquire

Custom Sage Rods-start at 10% below MSRP!!!

We are currently offering all Custom one-hand premium Sage rods (no switch or spey) rods) that have an MSRP of $695 or higher at 90% of MSRP.  ( Check our Package Pricing page for specials) This is one heck of a deal!  This price applies to rods equipped with our superb standard components.

Completed Custom Rods for SALE:

At this time, we have several completed  (some lightly used) custom SAGE rods for sale.  The following SAGE ONE rod is an example of our work that was sold recently.

This is the SAGE ONE 696-4
(6 weight, 9' 6", four piece rod) pictured immediately below.  The rod is beautifully wrapped in Scarlet, Black and Silver.  It comes with an aluminum rod tube and sock.  This is an upgrade from our standard custom rod in that it has a Struble U-44 reel seat (the most beautiful ever made by Struble), an Amboyna reel seat insert, the finest grade of cork grip available to us, and has a beautiful underwrap on the stripper guide.  Each female ferrule has 6 wraps of silver inlaid in black to designate the weight of the rod.  These wraps are complemented by similar inlays above the grip and under the stripper guide.  You will never see another rod exactly like this one.

-Here are a couple of pictures of some of our completed rods that have been sold: The rod immediately below was constructed on a North Fork Composites blank.  It has Dark Blue wraps with black and silver accents on a plain gray carbon blank- These are typical representations of our custom work.

We can make a"Sage One" 590-4, 5 weight, 9', 4 piece rod exquisitely wrapped in many color choices.  The one below is wrapped conservatively in black and silver.  It also comes with a Sage brand, cordura covered rod case with internal dividers.   Please check our "Package Deals" page for pricing.

You can also have us create a "package" for you.  How would you like a new LOOP, SAGE, or Waterworks/Lamson reel and a new Rio or LOOP line with your new rod?  Just email or call us for a quote. 


The TXL Package shown below also sold recently- We can create any premium Sage package that you desire.  Just email for a quote!

 If desired, we can inscribe you name on any or our rods at no extra charge.

--All Sage "Premium" blanks are available for Custom Rods--

We keep many of these blanks in stock.  All others are normally available within just a couple of days.

We make all Sage premium one handed rods.  We  have

discontinued making Spey rods at this time due to the 

demand for our traditional one-hand rods.

We do sell both LOOP and SAGE factory Switch and Spey rods!

This sample Sage Z-Axis pictured below has a Guinea fowl feather inlay.

This Winston BIIIx was wrapped in Rust, Copper, Scarlet and Black.           

                                                                                                                  This Sage One was wrapped in Dark Green, Gold, Black and scarlet.                                                                                                                         It also bears a South American Agate nickel-silver stripper