Custom Rod Production Schedule

The current delay in placing a custom rod into production is now averaging approximately 40 business days.    If you want a rod in the not too distant future, now is the time to order.  Of course, factory rods are normally available in just a day or two, even if we don't have them in stock.  We are located only one day freight from the SAGE factory! 

Here are the results of the first day that our staff fished with the LOOP CROSS S1 rods.  Words cannot describe how happy we were with their performance on big trout!

This large trout was caught on a size 16 chironomid.   The hook did not bend, the tippet was protected and the fish was controlled.  This was with a 9' 6 weight, 4 piece LOOP CROSS S1 MF MC using 4X tippet.

Casting the rod was a dream whether chucking streamers or chironomids under a strike indicator.  I opted to use the 9' 6 weight four piece, one of the first ten of these rods to come into the USA.  We have them in stock. 

The 5 weight could have handled this fish as well.

This is one of the best fly rods I have ever used in fighting big trout! 

My son caught this large trout using a 5 weight CROSS S1 MF MC 9' rod while throwing a large streamer with a 3X tippet.  Of course his fish was larger than mine.


Most Factory rods from LOOP, SAGE and Redington are available now for rapid delivery.