Pricing, Package Deals


We believe we have the best prices in the world today on the products we sell.

We always try to meet or beat the price of our competitors, anywhere in the world!   We believe that the only prices that we cannot compete with are those of fly shops that are going out of business.   Unbelievably, we currently price our custom rods beginning at only 85% of MSRP!

If you cannot find your rod, reel, line or package advertised here, please give us a call and we can normally create a package for you that results in substantial savings.

In-Shop Specials!

WE all know that MSRP used to mean "Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price".  However, it does not mean that to some manufacturers any longer.  What MSRP means to these manufacturers means is that if we advertise a price on an item that is less than the price the manufacturer tells us to advertise, we can lose our dealership on that brand.  However, this MSRP figure may have little bearing on the price for which we may be able to sell the product "inside our shop."  Therefore, please ask us about any "in-shop specials" that we may be running on the items for which you have an interest.  On many items, we may or may not be able to help you. 


---SAGE  Custom Rods!!  ---

A Custom SAGE "X" from $765.00* **  (All SAGE X

4 though 6 weight rods.) plus shipping, to most states.  

The Sage rods priced above include a select grade cork handle, premium hard chrome double foot snake guides, a hard chrome stripper guide, a SNAKE BRAND Nickel-Silver reel seat  with fancy burl insert, (not a cheap aluminum or graphite seat like you find on many factory rods), limited selection of reel seat inserts, fish measuring marks, and your name or a motto inscribed on the rod (4 words maximum).  Optional upgrade items include: Feather inlays, and SNAKE BRAND Black-Nickel guides and reel seats, and others.

We do not believe you can beat this price for the quality of build that you will receive anywhere! (Sales tax applies only to Washington State residents.) Call for pricing on all other SAGE , Redington, EPIC and LOOP rods.

* Our Standard reel seat for 6 weight rods and below is the SNAKE BRAND up-locking nickel silver seat with a superb fancy burl insert!  Struble is now out of the reel seat business even though they made some of the finest reel seats in the USA.  However, we bought a great many of their remaining supply of reel seats and still offer some of these superb seats as standard on our 7, 8, 9, and 10 weight custom rods.  These are a great deal better than most factory reel seats. 

** Pricing subject to change without notice

Our shipping rates:  $27 for any rod or rod/reel/line outfit to any state other than Washington.  $59 by International Priority Mail to all other countries to which we ship. 

We will continue to ship to other states tax free as long as we can.  If another State finds legal status to force us to collect sales tax and send it to that state, we will no longer sell to that state. 

LOOP  - In our opinion, this is one of the Best brands of Fly Rods rods in the world today

The LOOP rods, reels and lines are extremely good at each price point.  Whether you want a delicate, 2 or 3 weight rod to fish for 8" Brookies or a strong, beautifully designed rod to battle Tarpon, LOOP makes your rod.  We are a full-line factory LOOP DEALER.  We regularly use these rods when fishing! 

This is what one of our clients told us after buying his LOOP CROSS S1 rod, OPTI Dry Fly reel and Evotec line:


For years I have watched people try unsuccessfully to improve their golf game by buying new equipment. Ultimately, their swing flaws overpower the new technology and they are stuck with the same old game even after the equipment upgrade.

Well, I fished with the new Cross S1 5wt and the Opti Dry Fly reel you sold me for the first time last evening on the Hiwassee River here in S.E. Tennessee. As a direct result of this outing, I have come to the conclusion that you can buy the ability to effectively cast a fly for distance and accuracy. The difference between this rig and what I had been fishing is almost indescribable. The rod loads with ease and delivers effortless power. I am blown away by its performance and feel. As for the reel, the smooth action is a joy and it really picks up the line with that large arbor. It is a perfect compliment to the rod. All this performance and just plain great looking too! It is an understatement to say that I am 100% satisfied.

I bought this setup for trout fishing but my first fish turned out to be a surprise 2 lb Smallmouth that blew up on a Griffith’s Gnat drifting through a run that always produces nice Rainbows. Big fun and a nice little test to help me get acquainted with my new favorite rig.

Thanks again for all of your help and for your honest endorsement of the Loop products I ended up buying. I will be reaching out to you again soon for a heavier version of the same thing.

Best Regards,

Eddie Triplett

Cleveland, TN"

When you analyze the quality in the very top of the line LOOP products, you will understand why they should be more expensive than some other premium brands.  However, in the packages we offer, they are not. The LOOP offerings are no more costly than any other premium rod and in many cases, they cost less.  While SAGE and Winston have increased their prices, LOOP has not! 

LOOP rods come to life with LOOP lines.  We recommend strongly that you buy LOOP lines to use with LOOP rods.  They work together by design.  The reels create the smooth and creamy icing on the cake.

Most reel and rod models are in-stock.  If we don't have the item you desire, we can normally get it in just a couple of days.  We have a limited supply of lines due to world wide demand and the resulting shortage of stock in the USA. 

Please take a look at our very special LOOP packages offered below.  If you would like an "in-store" quote on a Loop reel combined with either a Sage, Epic, or Winston custom rod, or a Loop or Sage factory rod, please give us a call. 

Please call to create your own package! You will always receive superb rods made with first run factory products (no seconds) and currently we will save you on taxes (except for sales within Washington State)

"The Constitution shall never be construed….to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms". -Samuel Adams

Silver for Fly Tackle

Yes, we accept real money (gold and silver) for our rods.  We will allow you $2.00/oz "over" the current spot price for Silver American Eagles and $20/oz. over the current gold spot price on Gold American Eagles on anything that we sell!  We allow spot on all other acceptable silver and gold bullion coins issued by a recognized mint that are .999 pure.

We will also accept 1964 and earlier US Dollars and half Dollars at their current melt price. 

We know this is an unusual offer but, you can have a little fun telling your friends you bought the rod for  a few dollars just to see the look on their face.  It also illustrates what taking the USA off of the Gold Standard and what the Federal Reserve's printing of funny money has done to the value of the Dollar over the years. 

Final Silver exchange rates are calculated at the moment that you finalize your purchase. 
You then have a maximum of 7 days to deliver the silver to us. We will then ship your item.