Reel Seat Options

The superb Struble U-8 was the reel seat standard on our 4-7 weight freshwater rods.  Struble is now out of the nickel-silver reel seat  business and we have upgraded to using SNAKE BRAND American made reel seats as our standard.

New Premium SNAKE BRAND reel seats

Made in the USA!

We have added a new top-of-the-line seat that is being made for us by SNAKE BRAND, the creator of the famous Universal contoured SNAKE BRAND snake guides.   Please see the pictures at the bottom of this page.  
  We believe that they are the finest reel seats in the world today, and they are made in the USA!

Please see the pictures at the bottom of this page.

The following rods were made with Struble seats .  The pictures remain here to illustrate the quality of our work on custom rods.

U-8 Reel seat with figured Walnut insert on a Northfork Composites blank.

We have up-locking saltwater safe reel seats in anodized aluminum by Struble and can make the rod (6 weights and higher).

Here are a few examples of reel seats we have installed on rods:

                                                                                                                                           U-24 with exceptional Myrtle Burl insert

              U-24 with Burl Madrone insert

Struble U-15HG (Black) Saltwater Safe seat (also comes in Gray)  This is our standard saltwater seat.  We still have these seats available.


These are the finest freshwater reel seats that we offer.  They are made for us by SNAKE BRAND and come in a variety of
stabilized burl wood inserts.  This excellent design by Mike McCOY is simply stunning.  There is an upgrade charge for these reel seats in dark nickle.  Bright nickel is our standard seat.  The three burls shown in the two pictures above are three examples of dyed Buckeye Burl.  Black nickel SNAKE BRAND guides are also available to match the darkened Black Nickle seats. 

This is the ultimate freshwater reel seat. It comes in two sizes, the .640 on the left (for 3, 4, 5, and 6 weight rods) and the .705 (in polished Nickle silver above) for 6-7 weight rods.  Both reel seats are available in Black Nickle or polished Nickel silver.  The .640 is also available in a down-locking model for that "Classic" look and feel.

These seats have superb stabilized inserts made from dyed Buckeye Burl and a variety of other woods (shown below).  These are quite probably the finest seats available anywhere and are available for a modest upgrade charge.  Those above and below are a few examples.

Every piece of wood is a bit different.  Just tell us the number  of the wood that you prefer and we will try to find an insert as close to it as possible.  We believe that the least desirable reel seat from this craftsman is nicer than any reel seat found on any factory rod.

SNAKE BRAND NUMBER 2 - Dyed Big Leaf Maple




SNAKE BRAND NUMBER 6 - Natural Buckeye

SNAKE BRAND NUMBER 7 - Spalted Maple