Winding Options

You choose your colors. (Please double click on any picture to see a close up of the wrap.)

You have the option to choose your own winding colors. We carry all standard colors of winding thread.  If you wish, our artistic consultant can choose the colors for you.

 Here are just a few examples of what you can choose:

This SAGE ONE is very conservatively wrapped with Silver and black windings only.  Most basic colors look good on a black blank.  We have wrapped SAGE ONE blanks in primary colors of rust, scarlet, black, blue, dark green, purple and others and they have all looked good.

This Winston Boron IIIx is wrapped in Rust, copper, black and just a touch of scarlet.

This Sage Z-Axis was wound with rust, copper, black and scarlet windings.

These two rods were made for a man and wife.  They have identical wraps on different colored blanks.  They are scarlet base wraps with gold and black highlight wraps.

This Winston LT has very similar colors to a Winston factory rod.  However, more attention has been paid to the details of the wraps. Note the 6 wraps of silver indicating a 6 weight rod.  This is a common Lord of the Streams wrapping pattern.  The colors in this rod are dark green, black, silver and garnet.

Wraps before and After the finish is applied

False Underwrap upgrade option - Before finish has been applied
This is a SAGE ONE wrapped in blue, purple, silver and black.

False underwrap - After finish applied (double click for close up)
This type of wrap is very difficult and time consuming- $150 option.

Olive, pewter, gold and pewter (finish not applied at this point)

Black, gold, black, tan (with small pheasant feather inlay),black, gold, black on a Sage XP blank

Green, red, green, pewter, green, pewter with red highlight wraps, green, red on a "Creeklord"TM Green blank

The following two pictures are of windings prior to finish being applied.  Note the detail in the wraps.  People like different colors and we can do just about anything you desire.

The rod on the upper-left is a Sage Z-Axis and on the lower-right a Winston BIIX

When finish is applied to the wraps, non-metallic colors become much more muted.

We will discuss possible color combinations with you during your custom component selection process.  It is a very enjoyable to select every component of your individual rod.

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