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We have a very diversified inventory.  We carry all SAGE, LOOP, Waterworks/Lamson, Redington, and Rio products including (but not limited to) : LOOP, SAGE, and Redington, factory rods.  We also carry items like Redington waders, guide pants, and jackets, shirts, etc.

We are best known for our World Class Custom rods that we make using Sage and EPIC blanks.  We became the first dealer in the world to receive the LOOP CROSS S1 fly rod blanks and made many of them.  However, due to new management, LOOP has decided to no longer have a blank program and these custom rods are no longer available.  The factory rods are still quite good and we still sell them.

We sell all factory made LOOP, SAGE, Waterworks-Lamson, RIO and Redington equipment.  If we don't have the item you want in stock it is normally available in just a two days.  Our prices compare very favorably to anyone.  Just email for a quote and always ask about any in-store specials on the items you are looking for!

There is normally a 30 to 120 day delay in making a custom rod.