Big Fish- What kind of rod to use?

posted Mar 28, 2013, 12:24 PM by Bob H   [ updated Jun 20, 2019, 2:49 PM ]
Do you want to actually hook and land big fish or do you simply want to cast for distance?

This may seem like a strange question to some but it really is not. Many fly fishers want a rod that allows them to make the longest cast possible.  If that is what you want, there are few rods that will beat the SAGE METHOD or the old SAGE XP.  If you are in a location where you can use larger tippets,  It is fine to use really fast rods and they can be a lot of fun.  However, if you are after big, wise old fish that spook at 1, 2 , or 3X tippets and you need to use a 5X or smaller tippet and size 20 flies to entice the
m, we recommend that you forget ultra-fast, stiff rods because more often than you want to, you are going to break the fish off when it gets close to the net.  Now, if you don't mind repeated LDRs (long distance releases) then keep using really fast rods.

 If you wish to be able to make long casts, generate plenty of line speed, and actually bring those big fish to the net, please consider the  LOOP CROSS S1.  The
LOOP CROSS S1 medium -fast rod was created by the people from Sweden that founded LOOP and who simply live to fly fish.  (Thank you Christer and Tomas.)  These are true fly fishermen that design "Fly Rods for landing fish." 

The proof is in the performance.  In the early Spring of 2012, I took a trip to the North Platte (Miracle Mile and Greys Reef) in Wyoming, the
Green River below Flaming Gorge in Utah, and the Beaverhead in Montana.  Using the CROSS S1, I landed a higher percentage of hooked "Big Fish" than I ever have with any other fly rod!  The weather was cold (down to 15 degrees with 40+ MPH winds).  The 6 weight CROSS S1 protected 5X tippets incredibly well.

Simply put.  In the graphite rods of today, we have not used any rod that outperforms the LOOP CROSS S1 with its wonderful nanotechnology.  It is stronger than any other graphite rod that I am aware of, 30% stronger than its closest competitor we have been told.  It generates wonderful line speed.  It recovers more quickly than any fly rod of its type that we have used and most importantly, it protects tippets when that big fish is hooked.  The pictures below were caught by the first custom LOOP CROSS S1 in the world.  I made it for myself.  (many others have been made and sold but this is #1). 

I took eight 6-weight rods on the trip mentioned above, including the three rods that were previo
usly my favorite 6-weights (The SAGE Z-AXIS, the Winston BIIx, and we took the 5 wt. LOOP OPTI Stream.)  I started fishing with the Custom LOOP CROSS S1 and never felt the desire to use any of the other rods. All of the fish below, plus approximately 70 other fish, were caught on this trip with that one rod. Many of the fish were between 20 and 24".

I was delighted with the rod performance.  While we can no longer get the LOOP blanks, but you can own a factory rod in the same weight that I used.  Call for an exact price and ask about any "In-Shop Specials."