About Us

"I first picked up a fly rod in 1955.  At my young age, I had no concept of timing or finesse but I would marvel at the abilities of my Uncle, Jim Ware, who was an expert at the sport. When he caught a fish on a fly, it was something special.  I was thrilled every time I saw a trout come up to take one of his minuscule drys.  I never fell out of love with the beauty, rhythm, and serenity of fly fishing.  I believe that I feel closest to the Lord on a trout stream."

I founded "Lord of the Streams"® based on the beliefs that :

1) Catch and release fly fishing is one of the best, most relaxing, and most enjoyable pastimes in creation;

2) Purchasing the very best fly-fishing equipment is usually a bit more expensive than it needs to be and that we should try to reduce these costs to our clients whenever possible;

3) The traditional desirable attributes of fly rod making (designing a rod to cast accurately, and to also be beautiful) should not be lost to mass production; and
4) If you treat people fairly and always provide them with the best products and service that you can, you will gain repeat customers.  

We started this business making custom rods and that is still our first love.   However, our business has continually expanded to the point where we also sell the very best factory made rods, reels, lines and other equipment available.  That is why we are an Authorized SAGE, LOOP,  RIO, Redington, Kast Gear, Epic Fly Rods (The Swift Flyfishing company) and Waterworks/Lamson dealer.

We were the first custom rod maker in the world to be recognized by SAGE as a "Rod Building Partner!"  Many years have gone by since we achieved this recognition and still, we are one of only three Custom Rod Makers in the World to have ever achieved this recognition! 

We only use the products we sell and will only sell products that we use!

We are a licensed business located in Spokane County, Washington.

In our Custom Shop, we make only premium one-handed fly rods.   Additionally, we repair custom made SAGE and Winston rods that were originally made by other rodcrafters and perform these repairs for some of the very best fly shops in the world such as Mike Lawson's "Henry's Fork Anglers" in Island Park, Idaho and Joe Roope's "Castaway Fly Shop" in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho.  We have even repaired rods for "Urban Anglers" in New York City!

We sell all factory rods made by SAGE, LOOP, and Redington including
single-hand, spey, and switch rods.

We believe in providing premium products at a fair price and with the best service  possible.

We also sell rod building kits for those who like to build their own rods from scratch.  Our prices are some of the best available anywhere.  Ask about our package deals and "In-Shop Specials" on items you desire and you will be pleasantly surprised. 

We take pride in the fact that we have never had a dissatisfied customer!  We are a company that puts service above profit at all times.

We have clients on 6 continents, in 34 countries, in all 50 states and all Canadian provinces.

Our Custom Shop  motto is:

"Special Handcrafted and Reasonably Priced Fly Rods for Discriminating Fly-fishers."

Bob Hudson, Owner
Lord of the Streams