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LOOP, SAGE, Waterworks/Lamson, Redington (Reels for every price point!)

We carry four of the top brands of reels in the world.  LOOP, Waterworks/Lamson,Sage, and Redington.  We have all models of reels made by each manufacturer available.  We can create a rod/reel/ and line package that could save you money over the same items purchased separately. 

The reels below are just a sampling of our current inventory.  We have a reel for every fly fishing need and every budget!  If you want some advice on the correct reel to use to obtain proper balance in your outfit or for your intended use, just give us a call or email.  Our phone number is at the top of the page and our email and mailing address are under "Contact Us" in the menu on this page.

             We carry all LOOP, SAGE, Waterworks/Lamson and Redington reels.

The Reel Deals!

With our premium reels like the Loop Opti series, the Lamson Litespeed series and all Waterworks reels, we offer  a $40 line credit, free backing, and free shipping to 47 of the lower 48 states.  We do not ship to Washington State.  We also occasionally have in-shop specials.  Be sure to ask about them.
Call or email for a price quote if you don't see something that you want.

All models of these brands are available through us.  We consider these brands to be the finest available.  They are the only reels we use! 


What Loop says about their reels: "Our reels have always been leading the way. They still do. For more than twenty years we have been producing large arbor reels. With the new Opti Fly Reel we’ve entered a new era. This reel has an even larger arbor and a narrower, uniquely V-shaped spool. This means a faster retrieve and less line memory. When you retrieve the line it automatically falls into place with very little help from your fingers. Of course the Opti reel has our silky smooth and powerful Power Matrix drag system. The drag system, which is totally waterproof, saltwater resistant and features the smoothest available start-up, is also found in the upgraded Evotec G4 and the Classic-reels. Welcome to the future. It begins here."

Models: Just double click on the links below to find out all about each model.  We carry them all!  The pictures here are just a sample of what you will find at the links.  There is a Loop model to fit almost every price range and taste.  Loop invented the large arbor concept in reels.  No reels are more copied than Loop.  Why not own the original!  Call or email for a quote.  Our package prices are great!

We love the 4200 series reels! For the price, they are very hard to beat. A 4250 for 5 and 6 weight rods is only $299 and we will ship it for free to all states except Washington.  Please call us directly about all SAGE items!  SAGE has very strict rules about what we can put on our Website regarding SAGE products!

Check out this link to see all Sage models!

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Waterworks/Lamson reels

We carry all of the new models of Waterworks/Lamson reels.  We love these reels and sell hundreds of them.   We believe that these reels are the best American made reels available.  If you are on a limited budget and are looking for an outstanding buy in a reel, check out the Lamson Remix and Liquid reels.  Superb reels amazingly priced from only $99.95-$159.95 plus shipping.

Redington Reels!

The bargains of the reel market.  Many Redington models have a lifetime warranty.  Priced very reasonable compared to other quality brands, these reels are hard to pass up.

Check out this link to see all Redington models: Redington Reel Models

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