Guide Options

Our base custom rod comes with premium SNAKE BRAND hard chrome double foot snake guides.  This is the quality standard on our rods.  We simply believe that single foot guides are not as strong as double foot guides and are prone to twisting.  We do not recommend using them.  Even though double foot guides take twice the labor to install, we stay with these time tested and proven guides.  We have available "Black Nickel Snake Brand" Universal double foot snake guides as an upgrade option.

The finest guides and reels seats made in the world today!

Guide sizing is also an option.  Winston tends to size their guides a bit larger than Sage.  Some argue that this allows the line to shoot better.  Others say that the guide size does not make any difference.  Others say that the larger guides actually encourage line slap.  We let you decide your preference.  You may choose factory standard sizing or  you may have us size the guides one size larger on a Sage rods or one size smaller than factory recommendations on a Winston rod as you prefer.  You are not forced to accept a factory standard at "Lord of the Streams."  If you want our recommendations, we will be happy to discuss these with you.

Our guides are time proven.

Components on your Custom Rod

You may choose all of your components to create a rod exactly the way you want it!  Our Nickle-Silver South American Agate stripping guides add a beautiful touch of 1940s nostalgia to a custom rod.  These guides have limited availability and may not be available at all times.

From left to right - traditional boat style stripper (as used on many Sage rods), two South American Agate nickel-silver stripper guides (one in amber and one in light green) and lastly, a modern titanium framed stripper.  In 2012, Sage changed to a Fuji Stripper on their Sage One model that is similar to the titanium guide on the right in design. The difference is that the Fuji stripper has three legs and is made of hard chrome (not a titanium alloy). We have these Fuji strippers in stock as well.