Rio and Loop Fly lines:

We carry all
Loop and Rio, and lines.  If we happen to be out of the line you desire, we can normally have it and ship it to you in three working days in the Winter and two days in the summer!  We ship free to any location in the United States except Washington State, New York City, and Connecticut.  Due to destination based sales tax laws, we cannot ship inside Washington.  Clients from Washington must arrange for local pick up.

If you have a question about which line to use for a specific purpose, just send us an email stating the rod you use, on what types of waters you intend to use it, what is the target fish, and what type of flies you intend to throw.  We will be happy to suggest an appropriate line.  Due to their popularity and limited supply, many of the LOOP lines may be back ordered.  We believe that LOOP lines are superb and try to keep them in stock for our clients.  LOOP single hand lines are all made in the USA!

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