Design your own Custom rod

Lord of the Streams is the very first Custom Rod Maker to be officially recognized as a "Rod Building Partner" by SAGE!  We can be found at the official SAGE website under "Rodbuilding"

We were given this honor and given a link to our website on the SAGE "Rod Building" page on July 27th, 2012. This was the first time that SAGE ever officially recognized a Custom Rod Builder in this manner and we appreciate their endorsement of our work.

We began our business making custom fly rods.  This art is still at the heart of our business.  While we sell all factory rods, reels and other items made by LOOP, SAGE, Redington, Waterworks/Lamson, Rio and others, we know that there is no factory rod made that can reflect the quality and accuracy of a true custom rod.

At Lord of the Streams® we know how to build a rod correctly and we do listen to your desires and try to incorporate them in your custom rod.  If you don't know exactly what you want or need, we will personally walk you through the selection process. If you don't have a taste for colors, we will create some choices for you in winding colors that will be beautiful and that you will be proud of.   In other words, you have the option of choosing every component on your rod.  Be assured that we will not compromise on quality and will not use substandard parts of any type in order to save a few pennies.

In blanks, you choose between any of the premium LOOP, Sage or R.L Winston blanks that are made available by these manufacturers.  As a side note, we were the "first Loop Custom Rod Maker in the world to be presented with the new CROSS S1 blanks".

Here are just some of the choices you have when commissioning a custom rod from us:  You may choose a full-wells, half-wells or cigar grip, (True cigar grips will only work on a down-locking reel seat.), winding colors, guide sizing to fit your tastes (either standard sizing, undersized or oversized), the reel seat of your choice, fish measuring wraps, and your name or another inscription to be placed on your rod.  Please note that we do not and will not use "Recoil guides" on our rods. 

We use only Struble and Snake Brand reel seats and  only use premium double foot snake guides on our rods.  We also use true nickle-silver reel seats with real wood inserts on freshwater rods up to 6 weight. On 7 weight rods, aluminum reels seats with fighting butt are standard.  However, on the 7 weight rods, you may choose a freshwater or saltwater safe seat.  You may choose the type of wood in your reel seat and the model of reel seat to be used. We use premium nickel-silver reel seats on freshwater rods and all-metal aluminum seats on saltwater rods.  One 8 weight rods and above, we only install saltwater safe seats.

We will  try to save you money on your purchase and the rod will be as good or better than most factory rods.

We also offer a large or small feather inlay (pheasant or jungle cock).  You may also upgrade to a South American select Agate nickel silver stripping guide if you so desire.

At Lord of the Streams you receive a unique, handcrafted, custom rod specifically made for you.  The good news is that it does not cost more than a standard factory rod.  We guarantee that our standard model top of the line Winston and Sage and LOOP rods will cost less than the MSRP on a comparable factory rod -   Our base custom rods are currently priced at 90% of MSRP on the premium rods with our select components ---and that is not a misprint!  Upgrade charges are made for SNAKE BRAND components, feather inlays, special wraps and other items which may increase the price to a point higher than MSRP. 

Just tell us what you want and we will give you a quote.

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