Custom Rod Warranty

Custom Rod Warranty:

The SAGE and Winston Premium Blanks carry warranties on the blanks from the manufacturer.  Many of the premium blanks have a "lifetime blank warranty."   Epic blanks are made of fiberglass and do not have a specific warranty due to their durability.  Fiberglass rods normally will not break under normal use.  If you do happen to break an Epic rod, simply contact them for their reasonable replacement policy.

Factory blank warranties apply to the blank only.  No registration is required to activate these warranties as the factories do not place serial numbers on the blanks.  Please check each manufacturer's website for specific answers to the warranties.

The workmanship on our custom rods is guaranteed by Lord of the Streams.  If you break the rod and it is our fault (a problem with the workmanship performed by Lord of the Streams), we will only charge you for postage and handling.   Warranties on workmanship apply to the original owner only.
  In all events, the owner of the rod is required to pay for shipping to us and for the return shipping to them.  However, we do not charge any labor fee if the problem is in our workmanship.  The only exception is that we will pay for return shipping to the client if we create a workmanship error that is discovered prior to the use of the rod.  The client will still be responsible for the costs of returning the rod to us for inspection.  We do our utmost to avoid mistakes but we are human and have make errors in rare instances.

If you break one of our Custom Rods through improper use such as driving over the rod, stepping on it, breaking it in a car door, allowing a dog to eat it, trying to jerk a fly out of a tree (instead of pulling it straight away with the rod pointed at the snag),  or by using a rod in a way that was never intended, or just routine wear and tear of the rod, etc, this has nothing to do with our workmanship or the quality of the product and you will be charged a reasonable labor charge to repair your rod.  You will be responsble to buy the bland and then we will rewind the section.  On a 4 piece rod we currently charge $75 for the tip section and $60 for the second or third section (in a 4-piece rod).  We charge $90 for the tip section of a two piece rod.  Butt sections range upward from a minimum of $160 to $275 and can be substantially more depending on the grip, reel seat and inlays on the rod).  Reel seats and grips cannot be reused if the butt section is broken.  Shipping is extra and is $27 within the lower 48 states.  More to Alaska and Hawaii. Shipping is $59 anywhere else in the world ( to the countries we serve). These rates are subject to change whenever the USPS adjusts their rates. Rates are current as of 1/1/2020).

If you have any questions or would like further information on prices, products, or our warranty, please ask.