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("Lord of the Streams" is a registered trademark of Lord of the Streams Fishing Company.  This phrase may not be used without the written permission of Lord of the Streams.)

If you want to talk about a rod or reel, just give us a call at (509) 998-2321.  Please leave a message if there we do not pick up.  We may be with another client, working on a rod, or testing new equipment on one of our favorite rivers and may not be able to answer immediately.  We will call you back just as soon as we can. 

Lord of the Streams handcrafts "World Class Custom Fly Rods" on blanks made by SAGE, LOOP, EPIC, and R.L.Winston using the finest components available. 

"Lord of the Streams
®," is the First Custom Rod Maker in the World to be officially recommended by SAGE as a "Rod Building Partner!" You can find us under "Rod Building" on the SAGE website (www.sageflyfish.com)

Lord of the Streams is also a factory authorized dealer of many product lines and we sell all of the factory rods, reels, lines, etc. made by
SAGE, Waterworks-Lamson, LOOP, RIO, REDINGTON, Beulah, G. LOOMIS and many other manufacturers.  If you are looking for a  rod, please ask us for a quote before you buy.  Whether you want custom or factory, we will try to give you the best service and prices possible.

Some of our Prices are too low to advertise!

Lord of the Streams Custom fly rods are used World-Wide.  Our custom rods produced these great memories
(left to right) Kamchatka, the Kola Peninsula, and New Zealand.

We are also the first custom rod maker in the world to receive blanks to make LOOP custom CROSS S1 rods!

For those desiring custom rods, we have all SAGE and Winston blanks available for custom rods

-Our Prices are simply Outstanding! email or call for a quote!-  If you are a veteran, please ask about our VETERANS's discounts!

Due to the demand for our one-hand rods, we have discontinued making custom Spey and Switch rods.  We do have factory made Spey and Switch rods by LOOP and SAGE available.

-- We are one of the top authorized LOOP dealers in the United States and
have clients in 34 countries on six continents!

 We ship to all locations in the United States, excluding Washington State.  We also ship to Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Norway, Scotland, certain locations in South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, and Wales.

How to Buy an item:

Our website is intended for informational and advertising purposes only.  Only a few examples of our products are advertised here.  Most of our products and prices are not listedYou cannot buy anything on the site itself as our number one concern is customer satisfaction, not just profit.  Therefore, we must talk to you prior to accepting an order.  If you have any questions or would like a price quote, please give us a call at (509) 998-2321 or
: LordoftheStreams@centurytel.net 

We love to talk fly-fishing and
we care about your long-term happiness with your selections!

Please take some time to peruse our site.  It is a large site and you will find a menu at the left to direct you to most everything concerning custom and factory fly rods, reels, lines and other fly fishing equipment

Component kits:
As a general rule, we do not sell individual components like reel seats or guides or grips.  We do sell rod building kits and will se
ll rod blanks individually.

Please note: We do not ship to residents inside the State of Washington.

 Our custom rods are superb.  To illustrate this, One of our Custom "SAGE METHOD, 5 weight " rods raised $3000, to combat noxious and invasive weed control in the Madison River Valley, at the "Madison Valley Weed Party" auction, held at the High Valley Ranch in the upper Madison River Valley!

-You can own one of our Custom or Factory rods for much less than this!
Our custom rod pricing normally begins below the MSRP of the standard factory rod of the same model.
Call or email for a quote!

-- After reading this Home Page, you may navigate througho
ut our site using the menu on the left or above.  Please check out our special announcements section for the latest news about Lord of the Streams! -

Bob Hudson, Owner and son Gage fishing the Bighorn River, Montana

Right now we have some incredible deals on our "Rods" and "Reels" and  "Package Deals" pages as well as in the announcements section!
  Please see the menu on the left side of this page.

Bob Hudson, Owner of the Company and son Gage fishing the Bighorn River, Montana

WE are proud to be a member of "THE LOOP ARMY!"


LOOP - Our number one selling brand of rods for 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015!

Bob Hudson, Lord of the Streams Owner with Christer Soberg, Founder of LOOP, staffing the LOOP both at the IFF Conference in Spokane, WA July, 2012
Bob Hudson - on the left, Owner of Lord of the Streams, working  the LOOP booth
with LOOP Founder, Christer Sjöberg at the International Fly Fishing Fair in Spokane, WA, USA

The LOOP CROSS S1 rods and LOOP reels and lines were the hit of the show!  Whether the Cross S1 was tested at the casting pond in a 3, 4, 5,  6 , 7 or 8-weight, comments such as, "I will never use my ... rod again and it was my favorite.", and  "Finally, somebody designed a rod right!" and "Powerful, yet very accurate and I can feel it LOAD!" were heard over and over again.  At the show, we had to stop selling rods and could only take orders due to running out of stock! 

Read more about this incredible rod under our LOOP CROSS S1 announcements in the menu on the left side of this page.  This is one of the best fly rods that we have ever cast!  

We are a SAGE Dealer and sell all SAGE factory rods, reels and other products. We only sell brands that we would use ourselves. If you are looking for a fast action rod, no one has thus far designed a fast rod better than SAGE.  The SAGE METHOD is super!  For an incredible dry fly rod, we suggest you consider the SAGE MOD and the SAGE Circa collection of rods.  Factory rods are available. We can also make any premium SAGE one-hand rod in a Custom design. 
Please see our "Custom Shop" comments below.

SAGE advertising Policy

SAGE  policies are quite strict as to what a dealer can and cannot advertise on the web.

We do not violate the policies of the brands that we carry.

We are world famous for our "Special Package Deals" where we bundle rods, reels and/or lines and reels for an incredible package price.  However, as an authorized SAGE Dealer, we can not advertise most of our SAGE packages outside of our shop You must call us to find out about most of our "In-Shop Specials."  Please call or email us to discuss your needs.

 Please review our "Pricing-Package Deals" page.  You will find many superb deals on LOOP,  SAGE, Waterworks/Lamson, and other fine products.   Please give us a call at (509) 998-2321 Pacific Time Zon
e USA 9AM to 7PM.  Our contact information is also at the top of this page. 

Please take a look at our "Announcements" page (menu on the left of this page) for the latest news about our Custom shop and new products.

Viewing Equipment in person

We are not your typical walk-in shop.  We cater to serious clients that are looking for the finest fly-fishing equipment at reasonable prices.  We only ship to out-of-state clients as  Washington State has passed laws regarding in-state sales with which we simply cannot comply.  Washington clients must pick up their items in person.  Ours is not a shop where you can just browse.  Equipment may be viewed and tested by appointment only.  Please call at least 48 hours in advance to see if we have the stock you are interested in viewing. 

Please do not drop-in without an appointment.

(509) 998-2321

Custom Shop

Lord of the Streams Custom Fly Rods are used Worldwide!
-- Our custom rod clients reside in 34 Countries, on  Six Continents, in all 50 states,
and every Canadian Province!
Antarctica is the only continent in which we do not have a client!

If you live somewhere in the United States, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, Chili, the Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greenland, Iceland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Wales, Afghanistan, or anywhere else fly fishing is spoken, there is a happy "Lord of the Streams" client close by. 

We began our business as a custom rod maker and will perform this art as long as we can.

We made the very first LOOP CROSS S1 custom rod in the world in January of 2013.  Since then, they have become one of our best selling custom rod models!  At this time, we have stopped making these LOOP custom rods due to limited replacement blank availability.  However, the factory rods are still available.

               Custom colors and Wraps
                                                                                                             Custom Reel Seats  
                                                                                        Elegant and tasteful wraps

We are a premier Custom Rod Shop Specializing in Creating Handcrafted World Class SAGE and Winston Custom Fly Rods.  Most recently we have been approved as the first custom rod shop in the world to receive LOOP blanks.

We have all of the superb SAGE blanks for all of their premium models available.                         

We are proud to announce that as of July 27th, 2012, Lord of the Streams became the very first

custom rod maker in the world to be recommended by SAGE as a

"Rod Building Partner!"  Here is a link to the SAGE website:


If you would like to visit the SAGE site, simply click on the link above.  At the Sage site, scroll to the bottom of their rod-building page, click on our Logo and it will bring you right back here. 

If one of the very best fly rod companies in the world thinks we are worthy of this honor, don't

you think you might want to give us a try?

In our custom shop, we are dedicated to making hand crafted, world class, custom fly rods.  We believe that our rods surpass much of the competition in quality, performance and pricing. We design your rod the way you want it.  We have some clients that refuse to fish any factory rod and only fish our custom rods!

We currently use premium blanks from SAGE, R.L. Winston, and the Swift Company's new EPIC "Fast Glass" Fiberglass blanks.
We are very selective in the blanks we will use. 

We believe our custom rods are better made than any factory rod made by anyone.  We hand spine every rod and use only the finest components.  We use color combinations chosen by you!  We will even inscribe your name on the rod if you desire.  

We also offer package pricing on rods, reels and lines.  These packages are very difficult, if not impossible, to beat! 
Some packages cannot be advertised.  When you email or call us, please ask about any "In- shop Specials" available on the items you are looking for. 

Surprisingly, the pricing on our custom rods is normally lower than factory prices! 

There is something special about holding a truly great custom rod, looking down and seeing your own name inscribed on it.  We emphasize quality at all times.   Please check the pricing section in our menu on the left. 

We believe in providing quality products to our customers at reasonable prices and strive to only have happy, satisfied clients.  Our comp
any is dedicated to serving you, our customer and future friend, but more importantly we serve the one and only true Lord of all, Jesus Christ.  Be safe and enjoy His waters as often as possible!

                                    Bob Hudson, Owner
                            Lord of the Streams Fly Fishing

"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.  Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote". -Benjamin Franklin

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