LOOP OPTI STREAM 5 wt. rod redesigned - The LOOP OPTI K2 series. Delayed again But the new 7X rods are here now!

posted Apr 27, 2013, 10:13 PM by Bob H   [ updated Feb 15, 2020, 10:59 AM ]
This rod was redesigned for the 2019 season but LOOP has decided not to release the rod untill a later date due to marketing reason. 

Those of you who are knowledgeable about the world of fly fishing know the name of George Anderson of Yellowstone Anglers.  George has helped design some of the best rods in the world. Each year, George has a 5 weight competition and rates rods in that competition.  He calls it his "Shoot-Out."    He does not rate all of the best rods in the world but chooses a wide selection to test.  For the past four years, he chose the LOOP OPTI STREAM rod to test.  This LOOP OPTI STREAM rod was not the best rod that LOOP made but it may very well have been the best rod for the money that LOOP made.  The OPTI STREAM 5 weight came in second out of all of the 5 wt. rods in  the "Shoot Out" in 2013.    It beat every SAGE, Winston, Orvis, Hardy and many others.  It was rated in the top 3 rods for three consecutive years!  It has been replaced by the LOOP K2.  Once this rod does reach the USA market, we hope it will be even better than the Opti Stream.

While we agree that the Loop OPTI STREAM was a very fine rod, it did very well considering it is not even the top of the line in the LOOP rod line up!  It was the 2nd best rod that LOOP made.   Even this superior Cross S1 rod is being replaced by LOOP.  LOOP' new top of the line rod is the LOOP 7X rod.  It comes in a variety of weight from 3 through 12 weights.  Call us for our wonderful pricing on this rod.  It is available in both medium-fast and fast actions.

Regardless of which LOOP rod you decide upon, Lord of the Streams is the place to buy the rod.  We are one of the top authorized LOOP dealers in the USA